College Sanity Contest

To celebrate the kickoff to our website, we are holding a contest. We will give two $100 first prizes. The first, first prize will be given for the best thing that helped someone make an informed college decision. The second, first prize will be given for the worst thing that made the college decision making process truly insane for someone. We hope to hear from current college decision makers, as well as recent graduates now in college. To enter, please submit an email with just a few sentences describing your experience.

You can send by email to either a best thing, an insane thing, or both. But it has to be something you experienced yourself. The contest is open to everyone, of all ages and nationalities. The winners will have their stories posted on Tim and I will review each submission, post the rubric we used to pick winners, and then contact possible winners to verify that their stories are true. We will then post the winning stories on College Sanity and give the winners their money. They will need the extra cash. They are either going to college, already paying for college, continuing to pay for college whether they graduated or not, recovering from paying for college like I am, or living in fear that one day soon they will have to start paying for their kid’s college like Tim is.

Please send your submissions to by December 1st, 2018!

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